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unexpected guest 2

blue and white sky, really make a perfect match
angin sepoi2 bahasa..nikmat ALlah
catch the view of the residential areas,just nxt 2 d sea shore
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assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLlahi wabarakatuh and thanks a bunch to those who are still viewing my fp.

continued from 'unexpected guest' entry..

after making our ways down to 'Sydney university exploration' and rounding nearby Ranwick, we headed up to some other interesting places in Sydney. My lecturer was so flabbergasted and amazed with the perfectness of the creations of the Almighty Allah SWT as we, after that headed up to Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is known to be among the famous beaches in the world, and surprisingly, some visitors commented that it is a lot better than 'Surfer Paradise' beach which is located at the state of Queensland. hehe

right after comforting our eyes with the breathtaking views at the beach, we moved to another natural attraction places in Sydney called LaPerouse, and alhamdulilLah, the weather for the whole day trip was really bright and windy.. love that so much. .

ive tried couples of techniques in capturing photos. hope that u'll like them all.

have fun then.. tata~

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unexpected guest

cope street is the beginning of the entire sydney's trip
this is the real act of bio student..kemas,bergaya,nerd (maybe!)
chemistry building..the architecture is not that ancient.
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assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLlahi wabarakatuh and good day everybody.

today's entry is all about my trip with my former lecturer in Intec, Mr Izwan and some few other friends. he went for a trip to Australia for about 2 weeks and surprisingly, he made himself capable to conquer all those main aussie territories, as he started his journey from Malaysia straight away to Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and he had been spending 3-4 days staying at those cities respectively. What tha memorable and exciting journey!
Compared to me myself, i have not yet finish visiting all those essential cities here, even i had already been here for nearly 1 year..hmmm lama dah tue.

bertuah nya jadi lecturer. anak-anak didik mu di mana saja!

enjoy some photos then people!

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adelaide, the festival state..

kehenseman dua jagoan saser
bersama housemate yang saling melengkapi, hehe
its all about adelaide.. a bit kampung kan?
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assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLlahi wabarakatuh and good day to everyone..
alhamdulillah, it has been a while i didn't go online since i ended my job 2 weeks ago. and this is my first time to share what i had here in the land of foreign country with you (those viewers) since my friendster's account is no more available.
i was in adelaide last time, just after i finished my final sem in uni (what!)
hmmm,ops.. sorry! i was not clear,don't get confuse mate! my final sem for my first year degree..
adelaide is well known as a passive city compared to melbourne and extremely less busy than my 'all-i-want-is-your-money' city, which is sydney. adelaide, for me is not too bad, even for some people, adelaide seems to be dry and dull to them. for me, heavy entertainments and naughty lifestyle (which are closely related to sydney and melbourne) are not the main reasons for me to start and live my life to the fullest.
alhamdulillah, everything went good and i was so amazed with the kindness and generosity that were given by my fellow brothers in adelaide, jazakumulLahu khair..
may Allah rewards them with all His blessings and make their paths of life easier.. enjoy some photos then buddy!


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